Tuesday, December 9, 2008

#TCOT RE: What is the difference between conservatives and libertarians

Wow, quick lunch time post has generated a ton of mostly positive comments on Twitter. Here are few of them:

ScottSanz: Nice analysis. I think that's one of my big hangups with more die-hard Conservatives. Not a big fan of policing others' morals.

joshbaltzell: If I were conservative I'd explain it this way: err on the side of god(s) in the social issues & people (not government) in fiscal.

apackof2: I agree with your blog most Libertarians see themselves as their own god Depending they also favor legalizing drug & prostitution

benhainline: Also libertarians aren't big on strong national defense. Their views on foreign policy differs greatly with conservatives #tcot

Thanks for the comments. Here a re couple of my

To ScottSanz, I have to say a 'conservative' who is policing someone else's morals is not a conservative, they would a facist. True conservatives and libertarians show their beliefs through thier daily actions and peaceful debate. The only time any kind of agressive action should be used is when there is a direct threat to life.

To benhainline, libertarians are huge on national defence, but only on US shores. The views on foreign policies could be arugued either way. But a general rule of thumb a forgeign policy in a libertarian republic would focus more on trade then on defense.

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Scott said...

Fascism is, indeed, most often argued to be extreme Conservatism. There are different types of Conservatism, some much closer the Libertarianism than others. The most common modern form of Conservatism in America, however, is Religious Conservatism. This sect tends to politicize the teachings of a Biblical God. Back to the original question, Christian ideologies tend to be much more a part of Conservatism than Libertarianism in present-day America.