Monday, December 22, 2008

How to get the most out of #TCOT

If you're not familiar with #tcot, here's the skinny.  #tcot is a hash tag for 'Top Conservatives On Twitter.'  A hash tag is either one or two words or a group of letters that represent a group or common interest.  Other common hash tags include #bacon and #peta (People Eat Tasty Animals).  #tcot is a group of conservative Americans who think that the Republican party has lost track of its core values.

So how do you get the most out of #TCOT?
  1. Setup a Twitter account.  I would recommend you setup on just for #TCOT because of step 3.
  2. Go to the #TCOT hub website ( and look over the general announcements.
  3. Request to be added to the #TCOT (
  4. Invite everyone you see on there to become your friend.  Currently it about 1,500 people which is why I said you may need a special Twitter account just for this.
  5. Now follow the conversations going on by following them at either or
  6. Post conservative topic or questions on Twitter with the hash tag #TCOT at the begining or the end of the conversation.
  7. Start a blog.  You can use a service like to post the title and link to your Twitter account.  Make sure that include the hashtag #TCOT somewhere in the title.
Rules the road:
  • Be civil.
  • Be conservative and the values we portray.
  • Take flamewars to @private or d direct messages.
  • Don't post everything to #tcot.  We don't need to know what Aunt Mable did at the family's Christmas party.  That something should posted with #AuntMable
  • Hash tags are not case sensitive.  Rule of thumb, is lowercase is better.  UPPERCASE IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING.
  • If you use, remember you're not seeing what someone is saying unless you're following them.
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John said...

very helpful article not only for explaining what #tcot is all about, but also for explaining what hashtags on twitter is all about.

DJ6ual said...

Love this Article! Just wish more of the links worked :( Thanks for all the info!

BillboTex said...

Good info, but only the TCOT "hub" link works - others are broken. Can you give me another valid TCOT application link?


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