Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ohio Could Get More Jobs By Giving Out Less Money

Right now most of Ohio, especially northwest Ohio can only get new businesses here one: pay them.  Recently we just approved a $13 million dollar loan to help build a solar panel start up.  This is on top of another $5 million dollar loan.  This is a low interest loan that can be defaulted on the second the solar energy craze goes south, as in sending manufacturing to Mexico.

So how do we get more businesses to Ohio without paying them?  Ohio need to go on a diet.  We need to get ride of the sugary tax goodness and starchy carbs or red tape.  We have some of the highest tax rates of the state and the highest unemployment.  In Toledo the mayor can stop any building project for up to six months if he doesn't like your name (see the United Way project).  It take 10 permits to get approvals to fix your windows and paint your building.  And they wonder my we have all our problems?

Why would a business come here unless we make it easier and cheaper for businesses to come here? The only reason Perrysburg is getting the new businesses is because they did just what I suggested.  Now if the rest of Ohio could get the hint and cut back.

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