Thursday, December 11, 2008

#TCOT 'Day without a gay' project falls flat

If you haven't heard in California a gay rights group wanted to have a demonstration for gay rights Proposition 8.  There idea: have anyone gay call off sick yesterday to prove how important gays and lesbians are in daily life.  Unfortunately the whole thing fizzled.

Here are the given reason(s):
  • It costs to much
Yeap, that it.  It wasn't persecution for there beliefs; it was the money.  Wow, if you're that adamant in your beliefs that they couldn't afford a day off it kinda makes me wonder how strong your beliefs are.

Towards the beginning of the article the reporter talks to a man who wouldn't shut down his shop, even though he was gay.  I can understand in these economic time why he wouldn't shut down his shop.  But if his convictions are so strong, why not release you name and you place of business.  At least you would get free publicity out it.  But no, he doesn't and he lets his husband do all the talking for him.

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