Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday afternoons lead to some of the stangest things

We had some stuff happening at our house that would have let us go to one service but they got moved up and we missed church.  So I puttered around the house and then ran so errands.  While I was out I made the mistake of dropping by Lowes.  While I spent $2.17 on some 1/2" PVC pipe and fittings.

So what did I with it when I got home: I turned it into a blowgun.  I've been catching a lot of videos YouTube about how to build one and I saw the Mythbuster's special about a ninja dart gun.  The video's I saw took needles and nails and turned them into darts.  Since I like a small trailer and I don't want the neighbors thinking I'm total freak I came up with a non-lethal alternative: q-tips.  You get quite a pop out of the cotton darts when they hit a door and wall with out trying.  

After I convinced my lovely bride that I wasn't going to kill any of the pets, I made some chicken and cheese cascades to help sooth the evening.  Also, somewhere in there we watched Mister MaGorium's Wonder Emporium.  The movie is pretty good.  Not Christian per say but it did give a decent message on dealing with death and continuing life.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prototype Picture: Peppermint Pudding 1

I figure its time to get back to making a web comic again so here's the first prototype image and main character: Peppermint "Pepper" Pudding. I hope to make a few more concepts next week and then actually start building the comic.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How NOT to drive in the snow

With White Death Winter Storm Hank 2009 now past my area I wanted to say a few words on HOW NOT TO DRIVE IN THE SNOW:
  1. Tailgating -  Your SUV has great breaks and handles well on the snow, even when you're 6 inches from my bumper.  This is called the 6 inch rule.
  2. Don't Pass Responsibly - Take that icy lane next to mine and keep your bumper parallel to my mine for 5-10 minute before accelerating or decelerating.  The occasional swerve towards me was a nice touch.
  3. Decelerating - When you can't safely pass, don't decelerate to re-merge into slower traffic.  See point 2.
  4. Merging - When merging, remember the 6 inch rule.  See point 1.  Also, merging into spaces less then your car length is encouraged because the person that is now behind you will not mind suddenly slowing down on an icy road to give you the space you need for safe driving.
  5. Peaking - When driving down a road feel free to swerve half in and out of your lane to see through the snow tunnel of death to decide if it is safe to pass.
  6. Fiddling - Remember to always mess with the radio and TV/DVD combo unit while driving.
WTF were people thinking this morning?  If the snow wasn't cover the chick's license plate I would have written down the number and personally went to he house and flattened all her tired the next time it even threaten to flurry.  Some people just need they're driver's licence revoked.

New Word of the Day: econonarcissistic #tcot

As I seem to every week or so, I'm coining a new word.  Today's word is:

econonarcissism - The irrational action(s) taken by a rational individual when a personal finical event or series of events happens during a recession or depression cause by the individuals inability to see a positive outcome (See: hopelessness, finicalesteem, mammon). 

Often timed these econonarcissistic actions will have a negative physical and mental effects on individual physically and emotionally close to the one experiencing the econonarcissism.  See Great Depression (people jumping out of building), Ervin Lupoe (killed family after losing job), Marcus Schrenker (attepted to fake death to keep from paying debts.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

A little screen save I wrote: Spiral 1.0

Hey all,

I wrote a basic screen saver over the weekend called Sprial.  To install it you just unzip the file and copy the "spiral.scr" file into your "c:\windows" folder and then select it your desktop properties.  I'm trying a new file sharing service because my standby doesn't seem to be working.  So you can download it here.

Leave me comments on what you think of the screen save and the file service.

BTW: Here's a picture of one of the runs.  Colors and designs vary depending how long you let it run:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My questions to ask a pastor

If you follow me on Twitter you know I've narrowed my select down to a couple of churchs.  I've queried my friends on which questions to ask as pastor or elder.  One of them gave me a great resource with a list of questions that I could.  Based on that list and suggestions from other I've started to put together my own list.  Below is what I've come with so far.  There maybe revisions, so I would check back in a couple of weeks:

Basic questions:

- What is the church's prefered bible?  Why does use that bible over other bibles?

- Are there bad bibles, and why?

- Is the Bible a book that should be taken literally or should it be taken mostly metaphorically ?

- Who are your favorite Bible Teachers?

- Outside of the people mentioned in the bible, who are a few people who most influnced the Christian church?

- From those who are on the Radio or TV, who would be your favorites ?

- What 5 books would you recommend to someone who has just become a new believer in Jesus Christ ?

- Can a person ever loose their salvation?

- What role does Baptism play in the eternal salvation of a person ?

- If you went to Seminary, where did you go to Seminary ?

- What seminary would the pastor recommend, to someone who might be interested in studying to be a pastor ?

- Do you think that many Seminaries no longer teach Truth, and do not sufficiently equip pastors for the work of the ministry ? Why do you think this is the case ?

Intermediate Questions:

- What is the pastor's position on the Eucharist, and whether the teaching of the presence of the Body of Christ, is true or not?

- Are we in the end times ?

- Do you believe in ecumentalism (the merging of all religions into one)?

- Was Jesus Pre-existent before He came to Earth ?

- Did or does the Church replace Israel or is the Church grafted into Israel Spiritually ?

- Is the Jesus of the New Age the same Jesus as the one in the Bible ? IF they are different, what are the differences and how would one tell ?

- Is Everyone born with Original Sin ? 

- Was Mary the mother of Jesus (Mary) either Sinless or born without Sin ?

- Is Satan a real spiritual being or an impersonal force ?

- Is Freemasonry something that the Bible approves of ?

- Are any Church Pastors, Elders or Deacons Freemasons at this church ?

- IF a person wanted to deeply study the Bible (inductive Bible study) on their own, what are the top 5 or 6 tools or books that should or could be used for this ?

- At what point does it become morally right for a church to split of or splinter from a denomination, if either the denomination or the leaders in it, are teaching material that is contrary to the Bible ?

- Is there any aspect of the Gay lifestyle that the Bible does not condemn ?

- Is being Gay something which Biblically should be understood as a personal choice or is it something which should be understood as a genetic fact ?

- What is the hiring policy of the church, in the matter of  hiring anyone who is Gay, especially to be in a position of church leadership ?

- If the pastor could train people to be teachers or leaders and they were willing to devote 20 hrs a week for 3 months to learn this, what would he want to teach them ?

- Is the pastor or senior pastor willing to spend regular time each month with the teenagers of the church, hanging out, answering questions, about the church, theology, etc...

- What is the most controversial public stand that this pastor has taken ?

- What are the top 3 lessons that - as a pastor - he would advise someone else - to pay attention to, especially if they were to consider being a pastor today ?

- According to this pastor, is He and other pastors doing enough to teach young people...the doctrines and specifics of church history, biblical history, and how a person can grow into a mature spiritual life on their own ?

- Are their issues or questions that the Pastor fails to address or confront with teenagers, because of fear of men, or of the parents - that the parents do not want the pastor to address, because they are not where they are supposed to be spiritually themselves ?

- Explain the correlation between scripture (bible) memorization and the spiritual strength and understanding a person can have.

- If the nation state of Israel is being carved up into 2 right now, and if what is being given to the Palestinians is the ancient places of Galilee, Judea and Samaria, then does this mean that the Land no longer belongs - or should belong - to those who are Jewish ? If the land does not belong any longer to those who are Jewish, then does this mean that God was not serious when he Gave the Land to Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob ?

If the Land was given to Abraham, and yet Presdent Obama is doing all he can to give this land to the Arabs (called Palestinians), then - even though Obama "says" he supports Israel, does this mean that President Bush is working on the side of Almighty God, or against Him ?

- How can a person increase their spiritual discernment in these days, to be sure that they are not spiritually deceived ?

- IF you (the pastor) died today, and a funeral was held for you, then what would you want to be most remembered for, concerning your ministry and the long term impact you would like to have hoped - you would have had on those who sat under your ministry ?

- Are Pastors doing enough to teach the individuals and men in their congregations to learn to conquer fear, have courage, and learn to be mature spiritual leaders, in order to get their strength and significance from the Lord (and not their circumstances) ?

- If this Church Building had to close its doors tomorrow because of special circumstances, then how well would its members do, in being able to feed themselves directly from the Bible, and in being able to grow and develop their own Spiritual Walk? 

- As the Pastor here, or one of the Pastors, do you believe that the present Church Structure leaves you free enough to teach and preach in the manner and way that you believe would best serve your highest calling in accordance with the Call of God upon your life ?

- Can you name Three Teachers on the Radio, TV or Cable, that you believe can lead me astray, and that you believe that I should stay away from, and instead learn from more Biblical teachers ?

- What kind of "personal discipleship program" does this church offer, either one-on-one or in a small group ?

- Would your (other) elders and long standing members be abale to answer most of these questions?