Monday, December 8, 2008

Take Back Toledo Hit the Ground Running!

Take Back Toledo is a citizen initiative to get common sense and the voice of the people back into The city of Toledo's government. Since the announcement last week of the formation of this group the core members of this group have recieved several hit peices by the Toledo Blade, a local newspapper that thinks it own the town. 'Facts' in most of those article had to be retracted.

The first step that the members of is to remove the mayor. The mayor, who is know for doing stupid things like trying to put death by the airport because they won't hear anything, did a press release at 7:00 PM on a Sunday night saying saying he's going to have press event at 1:00 today (Monday).

Why 1:00? Simple: Non-governmental workers will have to return from they're lunches and would not be able to attend. Only supportive union and governmental workers will be able attend. Also, the mayor is know for showing up 45 minutes late so those who take a late lunch will have to return because the lunch hour will be over.

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