Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Skirting the Laws in Pants

Have you ever heard of earmarks?  You ever hear of pork barrel spending?  They're the same thing, it just every few years the media change the name of the practice so that most people don't realize what it means.  Earmarks are when someone in political power take tax payers' money and give it to a company or other organization, usually for political favors.

Because of most of these organizations are for-profit and should be bringing in enough money that they should be  paying for themselves and the earmarks (your money) is almost always some sort of payback.  So lets make it really hard for for-profit companies to get this money and potential political favor?  Some of our representative did. Of course some those same representative the next day went out and started giving money to non-profit companies.  But wait, the non-profit companies were for-profit companies the day before.

The first person take advantage of this loophole was Ohio congress woman Marcy Kapter to Victoria Kurtz of the Great Lakes Research Center.  Of course at the exact same address is Ms. Kurtz' sister's business TeamIST. Both have the same executive staff.  So all of these ladies have went out of their way to funnel money to themselves.  I wonder how much the TeamIST has contributed to Marcy's campaigns in the past?  A better question is how much of the cash to the research center are going to go to Marcy's campaign?

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